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    Feb 12,  · "I Took A Job As A Fire Lookout In The Woods, I Found A Strange Set Of Rules To Follow" Creepypasta 50 TRUE Horrifying Deep Woods & Middle Of Nowhere Stories | Mega Compilation | (Scary.

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    Jan 02,  · There’s something creepy about the woods. Perhaps it’s the deep shadows, the unseen animals lurking in the brush, or the absence of people and lights. big foot bigfoot creepy story woods creepy woods creepy woods stories This is a small rocky mountain town where no one bats an eye if a coyote or an elk and once a young black bear.

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    Two men travel deep into the woods to search for a Bigfoot-like creature called "Big Bay-Ty" which has recently been sighted near Boggy Creek. Three children secretly follow. Little do they know a hurricane is about to commence. Directors: Tom Moore, Tom Moore | Stars: Dawn Wells, Dana Plato, David Sobiesk, Marcus Claudel. Votes:

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    Mar 01,  · When villagers in southwest Alaska last fall claimed to have seen a giant, hair-covered creature roaming the woods and tundra, it revived one of Alaska's oldest and most persistent legends: Hairyman.

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    I thought that it was about the same height I was(6 foot at the time) though it was broad in the shoulders and had very long arms which I was unable to see its hands. The hair color and length was that of what you would expect to see on a brown bear, .

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    It was 7 foot tall or a little taller and my best guess at weight would be to pounds. It had a very stocky build and completely covered in long reddish-brown colored hair that was some 4 to 6 .

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    It is routinely talked about in this northeast part of South Dakota that the deep, thickly forested ravines of the eastern slope of the Prairie Coteau Hills are haunted. This belief can be traced back to the Dakota Sioux who once used the area as their primary hunting grounds. One place in particular, now called Sica Hollow State Park, is thought to be the location of a creation and .

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    Bigfoot TIW Ancient tribes of Giants? and a snake killing Bigfoot in the Big Thicket in Texas W.J. Sheehan March 21, Bigfoot TIW Dark Watchers, and a Brown Bear Hunter in Alaska ends up tracking a very large bigfoot, and catching him at the wrong time.

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