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  1. Garamar Reply

    Lyrically focused on the plague of cancer and the life-disrupting therapies to fight it, “Onkos” is a visionary and enigmatic work, a delirious observation on the long, slow cellular unraveling of body and mind, as represented in Pete Hamilton's metaphysical cover painting.

  2. Nikogar Reply

    Foghat Live II is a good album, with nice production and excellent tunes. My only wish is that they mixed the crowd noise into the sound a little more, like was done on Foghat Live (which was released in '77). Still, it's a great album that you lovers /5(36).

  3. Tautaur Reply

    However, “targeted” cancer drugs—which act specifically on abnormal biochemical pathways in cancer cells—present a promising area of research. New breakthrough: The drug rapamycin (Sirolimus), used primarily to prevent rejection after an organ transplant, shows great promise. In a study led by Dr. McCormack, LAM patients who took.

  4. Zulkizil Reply

    Jun 21,  · Throughout my cancer survivorship journey, many people have asked me what mindfulness is. What does mindfulness mean? How does it help? Mindfulness helps you direct your attention to your experience as it unfolds throughout life. It trains you to respond skillfully to whatever is happening; good or bad.

  5. Faer Reply

    Corrupt, Relentless, The lie forever embedded In fear just believe Succumb to tradition, Don’t fight it’s a part of the system No escape from the hate it breeds Convert the allegory to fit your lust and greed Embrace the ceremony empower those who believe Like rats in a laboratory On lies they feed and breed A belief so predatory Exploitation of the weak Corrupt, Relentless, The lie.

  6. Felar Reply

    Sep 02,  · Inspired by recent albums from Blind Pilot and Touché Amoré, we highlight 10 others that in the face of cancer and grave illness, try to make sense of mortality.

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    Endorse lies and campaign tricks Advocate the harvest of our decay Engage machines to drain The resources of our domain Profit from political games Our future sold for short-term gains Blinded! Wake up screaming Slow death! The Cancer’s feeding We’re harvesting our decay Blinded! Wake up screaming Slow death! The Cancer’s feeding Blinded!

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    Feb 22,  · And that brings a slow bonding love ritual that suits the pace of this emotionally sensitive sign. Cancer in Love is reticent, insecure and finally wholly absorbed. With a love match, each will try to show the other that they're home base—a .

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    Speaking of lies, virtually NONE of Komen's donation money goes toward funding actual cancer research. Up to 95% of the donation money at Komen goes to provide "free mammograms" to African American women and low income women - after all, they wouldn't want them to be left out from all this unnecessary radiation.

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